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GSES Online Terms and conditions for sale

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By using this site you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

The seller of these tickets is Global Spirit Events Scandinavia AS (GSES)

The following conditions are both of Sale and of attendance to the event.

Commercial Terms

  1. No refund or exchange of any ticket except as required by law or otherwise specified by the seller. If a refund is made, a 25% administrative fee may be retained.
  1. GSES reserves the right to withdraw, reschedule, or substitute presenters, vary advertised programs, prices, venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity.
  1. GSES reserves the right to charge a fee for the replacement or transfer of a ticket or to not replace a ticket.
  1. The right of admission is reserved and is subject to the Seller’s and the Venue’s terms of admission. (Copies Available Upon Request.)
  1. Entry may be denied if tickets are defaced or GSES are unable to verify your purchase.
  1. Tickets May not, without the prior written consent of GSES be resold or offered for resale at a premium (Including online auction sites.) or used for advertising or promotion or other commercial purposes, or to enhance the demand for other goods and services by any bearer. If a ticket is sold in breach of this condition, GSES reserves the right to cancel the ticket with out a refund and the bearer of the ticket may be refused admission.
  1. Tickets will be delivered via email only. You are responsible for printing and presenting a printed copy for admittance to the event.
  1. You may choose to sponsor someone else’s ticket of part thereof. You will not be told the name of the person or persons you sponsored.
  1. In the unlikely event of a cancellation, you agree to a thirty-day (30 Day) cooling off period before seeking restitution. This is to allow seller the opportunity to define and communicate alternative options to you.

Audio Visual

  1. Camera’s Video and audio recorders are not permitted. Cell phones must be turned off while in the venue.
  1. GSES reserves the right to film and/or record the event and to broadcast, telecast, publish or otherwise distribute any such audiovisual material.
  1. In the same way, you give GSES the right to use your image or likeness in any such audiovisual publication for promotional and any other purpose.


  1. This ticket grants you the privilege to attend the John of God Sydney 2014 for the number of days indicated.
  2. You understand that this is a prayer and meditation event led by John of God
  3. You understand any assistance from John of God and or the benevolent spirits that work with him are purely spiritual in nature.
  4. You understand that healing is a gift from God and neither the organizers nor John of God, make any claims or warranties expressed or implied about any health results from this event.
  5. You understand the event will be held in a large venue and there will be lots of people and long lines. You warrant that you are in good enough health to participate and be in a crowd and that you will take all necessary precautions to be healthy and able to participate during the event.  Including but not limited to staying hydrated and taking any and all medications indicated by your licensed health practitioner or doctor.
  6. You understand that under no circumstances will John of God or the organizers ever indicate that you deviate from any medical protocol or prescription indicated by your doctor. Furthermore you hereby represent that you are obeying and will continue to obey your doctor’s orders even if they contradict or appear to contradict any instructions given to you by John of God or the organizers of this event.
  7. You understand that this is a non-denominational event and that people from all religions, all races, all social classes, all nationalities and beliefs are welcome.
  8. You agree not to consume alcohol at least 12 hours before arriving at the event, during your participation in the event and as indicated by your spiritual protocols after the event.
  9. You agree to abide by all instructions safety signs and designated purposes for each area of the event.
  10. You understand that you are responsible for bringing any medical equipment you need in order to participate. Such as wheel chairs, Walkers, canes, Oxygen, insulin etc.
  11. You are requested to wear white clothing for this event.
  12. You agree to read all the written material and watch all the event information videos so you are prepared to make choices at the event as opportunities are presented to you.  Your failure to prepare for participation and the consequences of making uninformed decisions are solely your responsibility and not the responsibility of the organizers.


  1. All accommodation purchases on this website are made directly with Oslofjord Convention Center and subject to the terms and conditions of Oslofjord Convention Center.