Website Q&A

What kind of experience can I expect from my participation in this event. 

We recommend you do not have any set expectations.  Participants at past events report a range of experiences ranging from a deepening of their spiritual work to physical cures that defy medical understanding to a sense of clarity about their purpose in life.

What should I focus on?

Your primary focus should be in deepening your connection with God and with the benevolent spirits that assist John of God in his mission.  At the event you will have the opportunity to deepen you experience of your love for God.  This may also have a profound effect on your physical health.

Must I come for Three days, or can I sign up for one day?

It is best to attend for all three days.  The spiritual work benefits grow exponentially with each additional day.  You may be able to purchase single day tickets and attend only one day if that is necessary for you.

When does the healing begin?

The healing begins on the moment you commit to participate in the event.   Once you confirm your participation, the benevolent spirits that assist John of God in his healing mission will start to prepare you for your encounter with him.  Many people report increase in dreaming activity and other spiritual manifestations and synchronicities.

What will I feel?

Your personal experience may differ from what others describe as theirs.  Everyone is unique.  It is important to discipline yourself not to be curious about about others experiences and focus on your own process.  Your experiences will come at the right time for you.  Many people have reported not feeling anything only to be surprised by a healing they did not expect. 

Will this event interfere with my medical protocol? 

The Spiritual treatment from John of God does not interfere with any medical treatments.  It is purely spiritual and completely complimentary to any medical protocol.  Please continue to take your prescription medications and follow your doctor’s advice.

I have seen videos of John of God performing surgeries. Will John of God cut me?

No.  Only spiritual surgeries will take place at this event.  A spiritual surgery is done without any physical contact but it is just as effective. There will be no Physical surgeries at this event.  Even at his healing center in Brazil, less than one in one thousand people receive physical surgeries and only if they specifically request it.

How can I best prepare for this event?

After your registration you will receive information to help you prepare and get the most out of the event.

Will there be other John of God events in Scandinavia?

This is the first time John of God will come to Australia.  There is no other John of God event planned for Scandinavia or Europe in the foreseeable future.